World best technology brings
with Shin Han Elevator Co., Ltd.’s pride.

Elevator equipped with Eco friendly purity system

Elevator with shielded space controlled by
Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure and
Intensity of Illumination or called as
Contamination controlled space.

To make it more detailed, Elevator let purified air flow multi-directions,
which could send out dust indoor quickly by making air current without turbulence.

ECO SPACE Catalogue

Why we need Eco Space?

Globalization causes Pathogen or Virus to inflow frequently. Accordingly, we live open with infected person defenseless in hospital, school, building, apartment and public facilities, which calls elevator using unspecified passenger equipped with air purifying system. Using HEPA FILTER we could prevent from infection in elevator by FILTERING minute dust, Pathogen or Virus.

Eco Space’ air circulation structure

ECO SPACE의 공기순환 구조

Eco Space’ feature

Particle size in air

대기중 입자의 크기
대기중 입자의 크기

Air Filters’ features

Air Filter Feature Type Type 0.12-0.17 0.3 HOT D.O.P Colorimetric Weight method
ULPA Filter For 0.1 Unit Final filter for
Clean Room of LSI factory,
Hospital, Laboratory,
Nuclear facilities,
Radiosotope facilities
Leak Test passed   99.99%    
HEPA filter Standard   99.97%    
Big capacity   99.99%    
Semi HEPA filter btw. HEPA & Mid.   95%    
Mid filler Pocket type with Holding Frame Pocket Building HVAC,
Industrial plant’s outdoor,
Before HEPA filter
    90, 80, 60%  
Unit type Unit     90, 60%  
PRE Filter Pocket type with Holding Frame Pocket Before Mid filter        
Panel type  Unit       85%


ECO SPACE의 공기순환 구조

Clean Unit Specification

Item Specification
Power Single 200V 60Hz(separate)
Clean ratio 100-0.3㎛
Main filter HEPA filter(NITTA Corporation, Japan)
PRE filter Non-woven filter(easy to change), installed @ car bottom exhaust
80%(200x600 more than 1 place)
Air blower 1 Each @ car top L/R
Air volume Max. 21m3/min
Noise forecast 60-65 dB(A)
Main body Interior : Front Stainless Mirror 1.5mm
Ceiling : Stainless Punching Metal 1.0mm

Eco Space Control System

System to check the status and control environment by Monitor in elevator car User can identify current car status with temperature, communication display and adjust the environment set in a pleasant way.

Eco Space Control System Function


  • 1 Communication(In/Out) & Company display
  • 2 Main, Data search, Graph, Environment move
  • 3 Current Temperature & Basic setting information display
  • 4 Operation status display
  • 5 Temperature set
  • 6 Current Time display & Operation/Stop set


  • 7 Tool set
    • - Temperature, Function, Time, Test mode set
    • - Lock, Voice information, Password change
    • - Communication check, Leave, Alarm data delete
    • - Default reset
    • - Emergency operation when sensor error(25 degree,50%)
  • 8 Temperature set