World best technology brings
with Shin Han Elevator Co., Ltd.’s pride.

We are pleased to introduce the following Philosophy of Shin Han Elevator Co., Ltd.’s CI:


“S” & “H” of Shin Han’s Initial characters symbolized in Circle, which represents Managements’ Philosophies cherishing Human as Core Value and resolution to implement Customers’ Satisfaction with closer relationships.

In English, normally SHE used for Transportation i.e. Ship, Train, Airplane in Friendly terms, which is another expression to try customers feel friendship

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Brand Color / 전용색상

PANTONE P 102-8 C : 86 M : 61 Y : 0 K : 0

It represents Images for Honesty & Sincerity to customers as well as Resolution to target for world best enterprise. In addition, Belief in product quality as well as Hope for bright future with SHE.

PANTONE P 151-16 C : 80 M : 16 Y : 100 K : 3

It represents Images for Convenience & Security as well as Eco-friendly.